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Via España, Plaza Liza’s Building. 4th floor 
Panama City, Panama
P.O. Box 0816-02164 Zone 5








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Why Panama?

  1. Panama has free economy, democracy, security and stability.
  2. The US$ Dollar is the local currency.
  3. There are eleven different types of commercial activities such as the Panama Canal, Colon Free Zone, Banking system, reinsurance center, exports, agricultural, fisheries, and Merchant marine.
  4. Panama airport is a hub for the Americas.
  5. This actual government supports the mining industry, new installation for offices of the mining ministry (Commerce Ministry).
  6. Panama remains dedicated to the rule of law, transparent democratic institutions, and market based solutions.
  7. The professionals are more experienced and bilingual.
  8. The tax is 30% on the net profit.
  9. The royalty is 2% of the production.
  10. Surface tax is 1.50 a Ha.
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