Tel. (507) 264-4705
Tel. (507) 264-4722
Tel. (507) 264-4731
Fax: (507) 264-4680
Via España, Plaza Liza’s Building. 4th floor 
Panama City, Panama
P.O. Box 0816-02164 Zone 5


Panama Canal will be useful part transporting the heavy equipment

Excellent infrastructure for both concessions

Accessible paved road to the site and projects easily reached by the Panamerican Highway

One hour drive on 4 lanes (Interamericana) from hotel to the site

High voltage nearby

Working force from 70,000 inhabitants of Capira

Water available

Closes town to sites are Capira, Chorrera and Arraijan

The terrain mainly use for cattle grazing

Precipitation is of  three meters per year, approximately

Climate is between 82 to 91 degrees

Dry season from December to May

Raining season from May to November

The setting of the structures are 40% outcrop

Spare population no need to replace people

Capira concession is 20 kms far from Cacao concession and 40 kms from Petaquilla Gold

Capira concession is 1 km away from Carpira fishery harbor


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