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History of Capira Project, Panama

The Capira Exploration Concession covers 5,000 hectares of potential ground in an area of 50 kilometers southwest of Panama City. 

The concession of Capira Dorada,S.A. was awarded in January of 1992. 

It is valid for exclusive extraction concession

(See resolution #14 as printed in official Gazette # 25,518 of April 6, 2006) 

(See resolution #15 as printed in official Gazette #25,519 April 6th, 2006)

Capira Dorada owns and  control surface rights on 155 Ha.



  •   Electricity high voltage is available.

  •   Fresh creek water is nearby.

  •   4 lanes Pan-American highway, 6K 2 Lanes asphalt road to the site.

  •   One hour door to door from hotel in the City to the Site of the property.

  •   kms of access roads is constructucted inside the concession


  •   kms of access roads is constructucted inside the concession 

  •   Available labor from 70K population in the Capira town.

  •   Communication Internet. 

  •   Public Transport.

  •   Field office is available for workers to sleep in Capira.


Las Minas de Campana, S.A. March 5th 1949, is adjacent to old Capira mine

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