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Geology and Mineralization, Capira project

Cañazas Formation: 

  • Tocué Unit: Undifferentiated volcanic rocks, Andesites / basalts, lavas, breccias, Tuffs and plugs (sub-volcanic intrusives) of Upper Tertiary age (possibly Oligocene–Miocene?). 
  • Eroded, relicts stratavolcanos (Cerro Cermeño and Cerro Papo) scattered throughout the region represent the source vents for the thick volcanic accumulations.


We are in the presence of a model of strong structural control of a swarm of veins and veinlets, affected by a system of hydrothermal alteration of Low Sulfidation type (quartz-adularia-pyrite), that can be projected for 2 km of length and where mineralized zones run subparallel along a corridor 500 meters wide, presenting a minimum of six structures with a gold content of economic interests. 


Regional Faults


Cindy Area Mineralization 

  • This zone presents anomalous gold of economic interest
  • Model of Mineralization: Au /Ag Epithermal Bonanza vein system, quartz-adularia - pyrite type.

  • Smaller concentrations pyrite crystals, arsenopyrite and calcite.

  • The host rock is andesitic Breccia volcanic.

  • Adularia crystallization in the whole system, filling small fractures. The frequency of adularia, suggest that this is a low sulfidation system.

  • Pattern indicative of areas of boiling: vugs with small quartz druses (along the length of the mineralized areas), suggest the upper part of the system.

  • Below the Tuffs unit, the andesites are present with areas of stockwork and extremely oxidized isolated veinlets, rich in gohetite and limonite. Oxide veinlets can be observed refilling tension fractures which in the majority are open.

  • Important mineralized breccia structures appear as filling of faults. Such as Dolores creek.


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